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Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, A4TECH® now is recognized as a global leader under own-brand in the computer peripheral field, and successfully establishes distribution channels in worldwide market. With an excellent R&D team, independent core techniques, A4TECH® continues to research and develop cutting-edge products for consumer market as the discipline that it turns yesterday’s fiction into today’s reality. The principal lies within computer peripheral are the inception of bringing forth new ideas of innovation in technology.


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X7 Gaming

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Bloody Gaming

Bound by Gaming. Infusing Innovation

Bloody Gaming

Gaming is our passion. It’s in our Blood. We’ve revolutionized the gaming industry with the world’s fastest technology, “Light Strike” to help gamers always stay on step ahead of the competition. Our core philosophy is to provide bleeding-edge devices to keep up with the ever-growing demands and skillsets of world-class gaming professionals. We are the innovators, producers, and pioneers of Ultimate Gaming Gear.

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